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Shipping Balikbayan boxes to the Philippines

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The First American-run company entering the balikbayan box business is here!

We are raising the bar in balikbayan box shipping with a reliable network that has been delivering boxes and parcels internationally through our large agent network for 60 years. We have now expanded our delivery service to include balikbayan boxes to the Philippines and Europe. Our prices on jumbo balikbayan boxes can't be beat. Ship your next balikbayan box to the Philippines or Europe with International Package Shipping and you can be sure it will arrive safely and securely.

Moving to the Philippines?

We make it easy for you to move furinture, appliances or any other household items to the Philippines with affordable full and partial container shipping. We also ship vehicles, so don't have to leave your favorite vehicle behind. Let us ship your car, truck or ATV to the Philippines. Our team of resettlement and vehicle shipping experts can help you maximize container space to minimize your costs.

We know the last mile counts. So you can count on us.

Our affiliate, Penanshin, based in Manila can deliver your boxes anywhere in the Philippines. Penanshin has been delivering boxes to homes and businesses in the Phiippines since 1998. Penanshin has warehousing and distribution centers throughout the Philippines where they provide secure dry storage to keep your boxes safe. We have brought state-of-the-art hand-held package scanners to the Philippines enabling you to track your box right up to the delivery door.

Have questions? Give us a call:
In the USA: (413) 310-6829
In the Philippines: +63 2 889 0631 or +63 2 889 0632

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