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Process for signing up

Once you have filled out and submitted the “Authorized Shipping Outlet form above, you will receive an email with your International Package Shipping Authorized Shipping Outlet agreement which you will be able to electronically authorize. Once you authorize the agreement, you will receive an email with your International Package Shipping account login information, which enables your store to utilize our services immediately.

Within 2 business days, you will receive a phone call from the International Package Shipping account management team to answer any questions and confirm that you have received your account information. International Package Shipping has developed a custom, web-based interface to quote, process and ship all packages. The email will also contain a user manual for the web-based interface.

International Package Shipping exists to connect people and commerce through reliable, cost-effective global transportation. As the largest consumer-to-consumer package consolidation company from the United States to Europe with over 60 years of experience handling Standard and Express shipments, International Package Shipping has earned its reputation as a trusted carrier handling shipments to 43 countries and growing.

International Package Shipping is pleased to welcome you to our team of Authorized Shipping Outlets. We are confident that our services will help provide your business with an advantage.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

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Once your store is activated, you will log into the International Package Shipping web-based interface, add the package information, and print the label directly from the system. Step by step instructions are in the user manual.


International Package Shipping has an agreement in place with UPS and UPS will pick up all packages from your location. The packages can be mixed in with your normal UPS pick-up. A UPS label will be automatically provided through the our web-based interface.


International Package Shipping’s warehouse is located in Port Reading, New Jersey. All packages will be consolidated into either an Standard or Express container at this location.


The Express service is 1-3 weeks and the Standard service is 5-8 weeks.


Yes, International Package Shipping provides door-to-door tracking from the minute the package leaves your location to when it arrives at the recipient’s home.


Yes, details are outlined in the user manual.


Yes, you will receive a storefront window sign and a counter top mat displaying the services that International Package Shipping offers.


International Package Shipping has an Account Management team that is always available to guide you in the right direction and answer any questions that you may have. The contact information is available on the “contact us” tab on or by calling (413) 693-0065.

Once the “Become a shipping outlet form is filled out, the email address that was provided should receive a copy of our ASA agreement to be electronically authorized.

Once the agreement is authorized, the Account Management team will receive that authorized agreement, and activate the new shipping outlet account.

Once the account is activated, the email provided will receive the their “Welcome to International Package Shipping” email with Username, Password, User Manual and HAZMAT restrictions PDF.


When logged into your web-based interface, you will see a tab to the left that says “view balance”. Click the tab and you will see your balance and the option to pay via credit card directly through the site or to mail a check to International Package Shipping.